Current Research

Kirsten Bussière is a doctoral candidate whose SSHRC-funded research analyses what Mikhail Bakhtin calls the chronotope, or the ways that literature represents time and space, in post-apocalyptic fiction. In her dissertation, she examines the ways that different forms of collective memory emerge in response to disaster, which ultimately exposes tensions between nostalgic longing for the past and the development of progressive new futures. Since this genre offers a unique temporal perspective, which reframes our real-world present as the recent past, this project intends to serve as a critical intervention where we can re-examine our current precarious position in a novel way.

Fields of Interest

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Science Fiction
Digital Humanities
Utopian Studies


Utopian Studies Society
Golden Key International Honour Society


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Conference Presentations

“Beginning at the End: Indigenous Survivance in Waubgeshig Rice’s Moon of the Crusted Snow” Utopia, Dystopia, and Climate Change, Utopian Studies Society, Europe, Monash University Prato Centre. 2 July 2019.

“Memories of the Future Past: Defamiliarizing the Now in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction.” [Per]forming the Present: Studies in Narrative, Temporality, and Zeitgeist, Department of English, Carleton University. 28 April 2019.

“Endless Authorship: Fanfiction, Copyright, and the Extended Archie Universe.” The Riverdale Universe: A Semi-Academic Conference, Season Two, University of the Fraser Valley. 13 March 2019.

“Capitalist Disease: Degenerate Utopias and the Zombie Apocalypse.” The Age of Anxiety: Literary Studies in a Culture of Risk, University of Ottawa. 10 March 2019.

“Feminist Future: Time Travel in Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time.” Carleton University English Department’s MA Colloquium. Carleton University. 6 July 2018.

“Digital Humanity: Collaborative Capital Resistance in Doctorow’s Walkaway.” Just Speculating: Economics and the Future, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh. 28 June 2018.

“Landmark Mainstream Perspectives on Geek Culture.” Reading Comic Con: A Symposium. Carleton University. 4 April. 2018.

Awards and Scholarships

2020 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral
2020 University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship
2020 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (awarded but declined)
2019 Frans De Bruyn Travel Award (University of Ottawa)
2018 English Doctoral Scholarship (University of Ottawa)
2018 Doctoral Scholarship (University of Ottawa)
2018 Graduate Scholarship (Carleton University)
2018 Dean of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarship for Domestic Students (Carleton University)